Kurzfilmrolle OpenAir

20.15 Uhr Kurzfilmrolle

Die Kurzfilmrolle zeigt Kurzes und Knackiges aus Kaliningrad & Russland sowie Litauen.

Alle Filme werden in Original mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt. I All films will be screened in original version with English subtitles.

Animation: reż. Sasha Svirsky I Russia I 2020 I 6.33 min

Gut und Böse, Utopie und Dystopie, Narration und Post Narration treten gegeneinander an, um das Publikum zu unterhalten. I A playful work-in-progress that mocks the very idea of narration turns out to provide complex yet unpretentious philosophical freestyle on reality in flux extending or reducing your own perception of yourself.

COMMUNITY GARDENS I Kolektyviniai sodai
D: Vytautas Katkus, Lithuania I 2019 I 15 min

Patriarchal masculinity seems to catch its last breath in the sun. A story about a cold relationship between a father and his son. Their bond, plagued by indifference, disintegrates completely.

D: Serafim Orekhanov I Russia I 2020 I 13 min

Platon doesn’t have a single idea on what to do with his life. After his father pulls certain strings Platon finds himself as a junior employee at the Ministry of Foregn Affairs. After a few days he is given a task as absurd as it is impossible to complete. Platon’s friend and flatmate Pasha comes to help. Platon and Pasha get to understanding that a very unusual international affair they face needs an equally unusual solution. 

Animation: Ignas Meilūnas I Lithuanina I 2020 I 13 min

Die junge Matilda möchte die klügste Person der Welt sein. Wenn all die Dinge, die sie gelernt hat, nicht mehr in einen Kopf passen, kauft ihre Mutter ihr einen Ersatz. Zwei Köpfe sind besser als einer, aber das Mädchen wird schnell verwirrt, welcher Kopf die richtigen Informationen enthält.

D:  Alexander Pusko I Russia I 2019 I 21.59 min

The city has long been a part of modern society. These are not just gray walls surrounded by a person, they really are able to say much more, but in our reality, attempts to revive their facelessness only lead to an administrative offense. Street art is a social phenomenon under the big question – “is it vandalism or art?” The film presents a conversation with Kaliningrad artists of different eras: from the USSR to the Present. The film raises questions: How has philosophy changed and where is the form of contemporary urban art moving? What is modern street art anyway?

D: Alexey Pochivalov I Russia I 2019 I 6.31 min

A film about a very civilised affair, which here gets completely out of hand and even ends up in a battlefield. The film features an unexpected clay chess game in clay-motion technique.