Labas! Kurzfilmprogramm

20 UHR SHORTS (85 Min.) – Eintritt frei!

Kurzfilmrolle mit einer Auswahl aus facettenreichen Kurzfilmen, preisgekrönten Animationsfilmen & Musikvideos (DANSINGAS) aus Litauen.  Eine mit künstlicher Intelligenz erstellte Animation (PLANETS AND ROBOTS) trifft auf eine Reise in das Litauen der 70er Jahre (THE TRIP), Muttergefühle (MOTHERS) wechseln sich ab mit animierten Selbstzweifeln (WAY BETTER) und abschließend sehen wir Vilnius aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive (SYNCHRONISATION). Es wird surreal, opulent erzählt, laut, leise, bunt, manchmal nachdenklich, vor allem aber alles andere als langweilig!

Für ein Filmgespräch freuen wir uns sehr die Filmemacherin Skirmanta Jakaitė (WAY BETTER) begrüßen zu können. I We are delighted to welcome filmmaker Skirmanta Jakaitė (WAY BETTER) for a Q&A.

Alle Filme werden in Original mit englischen Untertiteln gezeigt. I All films will be screened in original version with English subtitles.



D: Antanas Skučas & Julius Zubavičius, 2023, LT & GB, 6′

Film is generated by AI for humans. Don’t worry humans are creative and better than AI. You are the ones who will always have the upper hand, because you have the ability to imagine, to feel, to love. Thank you for existing.


D: Rimantas Oičenka, 2022, LT, 25′

Soviet Lithuania, 1975. Against the backdrop of an industrial fishing boat, fishermen kiss their wives goodbye. They are going off to the sea to catch fish in the far Atlantic coasts of Africa. The boat is going to be their home for the upcoming five months. Even though the ship sails thousands miles away from the Iron Curtain, its shadow follows the men.


D: Birute Kapustinskaite, 2021, LT, 15′

It’s a story of two mothers who have to let go of each other in order to grow.


D: Vytautas Kazlauskas, 2021, LT, 9′

„Blue Moon“ is a film about an allegorical whale’s journey through space, reliving his life, which, surprisingly, is similar to that of our own.


D: Rimas Sakalauskas, 2009, LT, 8′

Like in a child’s dream, buildings from the Soviet era start leading their own life in a separate reality. Synchronisation has been compiled from free associations and small impossibilities. The slow tempo and spatial soundtrack give the film a compelling atmosphere and inner logic. Buildings from the Soviet era make the scenes monumental and suggestive.



D: Skirmanta Jakaitė, 2022, LT, 13′

A man is waiting for a test results. He expects the worst but at the same time hopes for the best. Distressed and afraid he spends a week in a limbo of his own creation, neither here nor there, dreading the things that haven’t happened yet.


D: Titas Sūdžius, 2021, LT, 7′

Everybody is ready for the arrival of a prophet. When he comes, the city greets him with open arms and media attention. However, it turns out he’s a false prophet, blindsiding everybody with his impeccable sense of style. But even such false prophets can leave behind something permanent.